Preparing Your Vehicle for a Roadtrip: Your Car Essentials

Whatever destination you have in mind, hitting the open road and taking the scenic route is sure to fill you will excitement. Maybe you’re on holiday with your friends, touring a famous route or travelling extensively for work and enjoying the opportunity to drive, it’s always great to have something to look forward to and plan for. 

But in the midst of your planning and packing, have you checked to see if your car has everything it needs to get you there? The last thing you want is your car to let you down or to be caught driving without insurance because you forgot to renew! In this post, we’ll explore how should prepare your vehicle for a road trip with some straightforward car essentials. Read on to find out more.

Make Sure You Have Insurance in Place

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK – you can’t hit the road without it. So, before you travel make sure that you have a policy in place. Or if you’re about to renew consider searching for cheap car insurance quotes online to get the best price possible. There are three types of car insurance available, fully comprehensive, third-party theft and fire and third party only. Ask yourself if your driving circumstances have changed and relay any of these new factors to your chosen comparison site, this way you’ll get the most accurate quote possible and have the opportunity to make some savings.  

Conduct Maintenance Vehicle Checks

Imagine planning your road trip extensively only for your car to break down only a few miles from home – or worse still, break down hundreds of miles away from anywhere. This is why conducting vehicle maintenance before you travel is essential. You don’t necessarily have to reach out to a local garage for assistance, there are plenty of checks you can do yourself including:

  • Oil levels
  • Windscreen fluid
  • Air pressure in your tyres and the tread depth
  • Coolant levels 
  • Your lights

If your car has other problems then it’s worth speaking to a qualified mechanic about them before you travel. 

Check That You Have Breakdown Cover

If you were to break down then having cover in place will certainly take away the stress and uncertainty of the situation. Many car insurance policies come with breakdown cover, so it’s worth double-checking what you have before you leave. Make sure you have the contact details of your breakdown recovery company in your vehicle! 

Plan Your Stops

Planning your stops means you won’t get tired behind the wheel and you can fuel up regularly. You don’t have to be restricted to motorway services, you could pull off into a small town, village or place of interest and fuel up there – take in the scenery and get some much-needed rest away from the road.

Final Thoughts…

Planning a road trip is exciting, but it’s important to check your car and ensure you have everything in place before you set off including your insurance.  


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