Reasons Why Going to the Beach is Good For You


When did you last visit the beach? If you have never got into one, then you are missing a lot. From waves crashing on shores, sun kissing to sand soothing your body, there is a lot you can do and enjoy while at the beach. If you live nearby a beach, going there should be part of your off day or weekend program.

Going to the beach is not for the sake of it. There are many benefits, including relaxing your mind off the busy city and work life. Did you know that going to the beach is one way of taking care of yourself? It helps you reduce stress, sleep well and nurture yourself. This article will discuss some of the compelling reasons why you should always visit the beach. Read on for the points.

It helps you soak up vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients required by the body. Unfortunately, it ranks as one of the lacking vitamins in most people around the world. One way of getting the much-needed vitamin D is by basking in the sun. It will give you the much-needed vitamins that will make your skin glow and rejuvenate your moods.

One of the essential areas where you can get this adequate vitamin D is on the beach. A 10-15 minute sun exposure and some swimming will bring great relief to your body. Are you not sure of the beaches to attend? Besides your local beach, here are the types of beaches you need to include in your bucket list. Besides giving you the vitamin D benefit, their views, sand, and waters are magnificent.

Power of the sand

Did you know why walking on the beach feels good? The reason is that walking at the beach has medical benefits to your foot and the whole body. Our feet have between 3000 and 7000 nerves, which become active when stimulated by the sand, making one feel good.
Besides this, wet sands are natural exfoliates and help peel off our feet’ dead skin. If you are not aware of this, skin sheds at least 50000 cells per minute, which will block the pores leading to acne and blackhead if not taken care of. Sand from the beach helps to keep the skin healthy, clean and rejuvenated.

It enables you to become physical without trying

Going to the beach will make you enjoy two things; doing physical exercises and also having fun. While at the beach, you might find yourself doing physical activities, including walking and swimming, which do not seem as hectic as when you do them anywhere.
When you go to the beach, you will start walking, running or other exercises. At times, when you see others swimming, you will also want to join the fun. Going to the beach ignites these exercises, which leads to healthier living. You will rarely see someone becoming lazy or sleeping while at the beach. Everyone will want to join the fun others are experiencing.

Swimming is part of the body workouts


Are you tired of going to the gym for the daily workouts? You can change your weekend routines to swimming. Besides it being relaxing and fun, it helps to exercise the body. Compared to other exercises, swimming gives you a full-body workout, leading to deep breathing, which helps strengthen your lungs.

Besides this, seawater works on your body to fight off infections while swimming. It is a form of detoxification, which also has some therapeutic effects on the body. With a good swim, you will get out of the beach free from depression, anxiety, and stress. That’s the main reason why individuals who do regular swimming live longer.

It gives you time to unwind

Going to the beach is a perfect weekend activity for individuals who are always busy during the weekdays. With a leisure walk at the beach, you can calm your mind, release stress, and build some endorphins, enabling you to become happy again. It is one great way of improving your wellbeing and also promoting better health.

You don’t have to swim when you go to the beach. You can walk, read a book or lie on the sand to help you unwind and rest. If you had a busy, stressful week, you know the place to relax.
Having a holiday prolongs one’s life

If you don’t live near an ocean or beach, attending one in a distant place is a perfect vacation you should take. Even when you live near one, going to a different destination per your bucket list makes it more fun and enjoyable. Besides the beach making you feel better and other highlighted benefits,

It helps to increase your lifespan

According to an article published in the New York Times, people who do not take holidays or fail to work out are 32% more likely to die from lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and heart attack. To improve your health to live longer, please take a trip to the beach. It won’t cost you much, but the benefits are tremendous.

It makes you meet new friends

Before introducing social media, people used to have fun and interact with each other, mostly on the beach. The situation has not changed yet, since you can still meet new friends and socialize while on the beach. While at the beach, you will meet real people, locals, and tourists.
When you meet these people, you can share a lot at the beach, including swimming together, socializing, bonding, and much more. Here, you can learn new languages, new cultures and create permanent friendships. When swimming, people might be strangers but will have unending fun together, which leads to great company. If you are looking for a soul mate, why not try your luck at the beach? You might be lucky.

There are more benefits of going to the beach than you can imagine. If you are still wondering what you can do to be happy and improve your wellbeing, going to the beach is the perfect answer for you. Without attending a good beach, you might not realize all these benefits. You first need to find the perfect one, and the rest will follow in smoothly.

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