Why You Should Use Rail Network to Travel Around Italy

Unique art and style, delectable cuisines, breathtaking natural beauty, and more make Italy the ultimate vacation destination. One visit to the Alps-dominated country is never enough- it will leave you craving for more. Fortunately, getting around Italy has been made easier by the country’s superb infrastructure. There are plenty of trains and buses ferrying travelers across the buzzing cities and charming sloping seaside villages. If you are a visiting Italy for the first time, here is a guide to help you get around this beautiful country:

Rail Network in Italy

Italian Rail

Like other European countries, Italy boasts an incredible rail network extending the length of the entire country. This means that most major cities such as Rome, Bologna, Naples, Palermo, and Florence are well connected by the regular and reliable train services. Train travel here is fast, affordable, comfortable, efficient, and convenient. Italy has two major train operators; Trenitalia. The major train operator and Italo, which operates several train companies. All trains in Italy fall under these three categories:

Alta Valencia(AV): These are the high-speed trains including Frecciabianca, Freccairossa, Frecciargento and several Italo trains running at 300km/h. They also connect to the major Italian cities.

Intercity:They are relatively faster than Regionale trains but slower than AV trains. They operate between major cities.

Regionale:They are the cheapest trains serving the route. Since they are regional trains connecting both busy and smaller cities across the region with multiple stops, they tend to be slower.

Trenitalia E656 046 Tusa

Why You Should Get Around Italy by Train

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Rail travel to the magical sceneries in Italy is truly a magical experience. Once you finally settle on your comfortable seat, you can slow down and free your mind. You can finally get your titles and responsibilities off your mind for a moment. You do not need to pay attention to navigating the streets or start figuring out where you will stop for gas. You only need to breathe, read a book, eat a snack, or sip a drink as you enjoy the breathtaking nature of the gorgeous countryside. Besides, this might be the only time you have to nap.

Cover More Ground

Boo a high-speed train with Omio and make more trips between major cities than you could ever make with a car- even if you are driving a Ferrari. Sure, booking a flight might seem like a faster alternative. However, consider the extra time you will spend arriving at the airport up to 2 hours in advance, the long security and luggage queues. In this case, rail travel becomes a much more convenient option. Besides, you can make a one-day trip from Rome to major cities such as Naples, Milan, and Florence with a high-speed train. If you want to explore even more ground, you can do so by booking a night train. You can enjoy your sleep in the compartments, move across great distances and wake up refreshed and ready to explore yet another city.

Comfort is Everything!

Most of us have experienced the frustrations of traveling on an airplane in economy class, especially the cramped seating and noisy environment. Well, most of the trains in Italy are modern and luxurious, equipped with luggage compartments and comfortable sitting with extra legroom. Sue, there are no luggage restrictions on these vessels. However, you have to be smart and try your best to park light. After all, you still have to deal with getting the luggage on and off the trains at different destinations. Most trains are equipped with charging ports for your devices and a strong, reliable Wi-Fi to keep you entertained throughout the journey.

Trains Stations are Resourceful and Easily Accessible

Generally, most train stations are located close to the city centers of major towns and cities, making them easily accessible. Therefore, you do not have to negotiate crazy traffics and congestion or spend more money on parking. Besides, train stations have many resourceful shops and restaurants serving incredible meals. Plus, most of them, such as Milan Centrale, are so cool and beautiful. The stations serve thousands of travelers in a day, giving you a rare people-watching opportunity. You will see an incredible cross-section of different personalities, both local and foreign. This is a fantastic side benefit of exploring different parts of the world.

There are various ways of getting around Italy. Besides trains, you can catch a flight, take a bus, or a taxi. However, the country boasts an extensive rail network which makes traveling easy, convenient, and affordable. After all, train travel today is sleeker, modern, and a little kinder to the environment.

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