Smart Shopping for Vapes: Tips and Advice for Travel Enthusiasts

So it’s finally time for that vacation you have been patiently waiting for for so long. You can down tools, pack up a suitcase, and jump on the plane to warmer climes, more conducive to rest, relaxation, and general recuperation. But what is one to do when one is an avid vaper and is unsure how to continue one’s hobby while abroad? Well, this post is here for you. We will cover a few ways in which you can keep your nicotine levels at the level you need to function without fretting about where your next refill will come from. With these tips, you can travel anywhere knowing you’re fully prepared for whatever might come your way.

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Stock Up On Your Favorite Flavors Before You Head Off

Let’s be honest here: if you have been vaping for some time, you have likely gone through a range of flavors until you have ended up on one that you enjoy and perhaps use all the time. The only issue is that it is a little more unique than you may have considered. When you’re traveling to foreign lands, you can’t always be sure that vape shops in that nation will offer up those flavors you have become so attached to. Therefore, it makes sense to stock up (within reason, obviously) with your faves so that there are no unhappy surprises when you touch down. This means that if you particularly enjoy the flavorful lost Mary vape liquid, it could be worthwhile. In some cases, this might not be entirely plausible due to airline restrictions (which we will cover in the next point), but when possible, having a stash in your check-in luggage will make things much more accessible and mean you won’t need to think as much about finding a place to buy it and can focus on your holiday.

Research Airline Vaping Regulations Beforehand

It is imperative that you understand the rules and regulations as stipulated by the airline you are traveling with so you can avoid any unnecessary delays or possible fines. But there is another factor you must bear in mind, which is all subsequent flights you may take during your trip. For example, it’s one thing to know the rules for Delta or whoever you’re flying with to the destination country, but you could find that local domestic airlines have dramatically differing rules that could prohibit vapes entirely. Don’t assume that every nation shares your rules and laws, and take the time to research in advance…the more you know before you head off, the less stress you’ll face when moving from place to place.

Opt For Travel-Friendly Compact Vapes

If you have a propensity toward those oversized, incredibly complex reusable vaping machines, it might be a thought to downsize during the trip. It’s not completely necessary to downsize, but do you really want to be thinking about fixing it if it gets damaged during transit, or would you rather focus on all the fantastic things that you can do while abroad? The answer should be the latter, and if you’re sensible, you should consider investing in a more compact vape dedicated to travel, which preferably comes with its own travel case.

Stock Up On Backup Coils

If you insist on bringing your complicated machine along for the ride, don’t forget to bring a few additional coils with you in case they burn out. Yes, you could simply purchase a disposable vape if this happens, but then what was the point of adding additional KGs to your luggage in the first place? You might be able to find spare coils at your destination, but never assume anything, and for the sake of a few extra grams, putting a couple in your luggage could mean the difference between puffing away in bliss by the pool or kicking yourself because you were too stubborn to pack them.

Use Protective Carrying Cases

If you are packing your device in check in large or carry-on, it’s always a good idea to buy some kind of hard case that you can place it into. This will stop it from getting damaged in transit, but it will also prevent the liquid from going all over your belongings in case that it leaks. You can usually find these kinds of cases online, and it doesn’t really matter what brand or style; the idea is to keep it safe from the usual bumps and drops that can happen when moving about a lot.

Familiarize Yourself With Local Laws

Whether you think it’s diabolical or not, there are lots of countries that have completely banned the act of vaping and selling vaping-related items. This list is longer than you might think, and while some nations like Thailand have banned them but have a lassez faire attitude towards them, don’t be shocked if you are stooped and fined by the police. It doesn’t matter if the locals are all partaking; if it’s illegal, you have a larger chance of punishment than if you were to simply avoid it. Moreover, don’t assume that the rules won’t apply to you because you are a foreigner. In some cases, it is because you are a foreigner that the regulations will apply to you more so than the local population (the joys of traveling!)

Keep Vaping Etiquette In Mind, And Don’t Be Obnoxious About Things

It may very well be true that vaping is far less intrusive than smoking, but you really must understand that there will be other people around you who also want to enjoy their trip. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re in an all-inclusive resort surrounded by families enjoying the pool or sipping your espresso at the local plaza…most folks neither care about nor want to see your enormous plumes of smoke clouding up the area. This is obviously situational, but remember to be polite, and if you’re annoying others or the local population, try not to be incredibly selfish and move to a place where it’s perhaps more acceptable.

Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking and has proven its value as such. However, never assume that the laws in your country will apply to you in another, and always do your research before heading off.

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