Building Adventure and Travel into a Career

Finding a Job where Each New Day May Mean a New City

Think that a career that offers travel in the job description sounds exciting? Here are some options.
Ever think that it might be exciting to work in different cities all over the U.S.? Ever want to find that perfect career that allows the kind of flexibility and mobility to be transported to almost any city in the country – maybe even the world?

There are careers out there where the opportunity to work and travel are built into the job description. In this case, the online essay writer says that other careers are in such high demand that they afford job seekers the chance to travel as an option. So what are these careers that offer adventure and travel as part of the day-to-day? Here are four career ideas that interested job seekers may want to investigate.

Königssee, Schönau am Königssee, Germany

Königssee, Schönau am Königssee, Germany | Photo by S Migaj

Consider a Career on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise line may be the answer for job seekers who want to wake up each morning in a different port of call. This is the type of opportunity where there are many career options and travel is just a natural part of each.

Keep in mind that jobs on cruise ships aren’t just about serving drinks and cleaning rooms. There are a variety of positions that include ship officers, medical staff, administrative staff, fitness instructors, youth counselors, casino personnel, entertainers, and much more.

The position someone holds will dictate how long his or her commitment runs. Crews usually work six months on and two months off while officers and cruise staff work four months on and two months off. Cruise ships typically have 300 to 900 crew members each.

Investigate Airline Jobs

Careers with the airlines offer two types of travel jobs: those that automatically travel as part of the day-to-day work schedule such as pilots and flight attendants and those that have the opportunity to travel as a matter of choices such as baggage handlers and ticket agents.

Becoming a pilot requires a lot of education and training, not to mention an aptitude for flying. However, a position as a flight attendant only requires a high school education and certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), though a college degree doesn’t hurt.

Jobs as baggage handlers are typically entry-level jobs that require a high school diploma, the ability to lift a substantial weight, as well as being available to work flexible hours. Ticket agent positions also require only a high school diploma along with the ability to deal effectively with the public. Both baggage handlers and ticket agents receive on-the-job training.

The travel benefit afforded these ground positions includes discounts on personal travel and the flexibility to move to different hub locations around the country where the airline has openings. This can be especially helpful to those who may need to make several moves over the course of a few years as changes in their personal lives require.

Avenida Paulista, Brazil

Avenida Paulista, Brazil | Photo by Guilherme Stecanella

Traveling Nurses and Allied Health

Health care as a career is hot right now! As a career field, it continues to offer a wealth of opportunities and the kind of stability that job seekers crave. Anyone who has considered becoming a nurse will find that not only is it a rewarding career, the skills learned can be adapted to other fields (i.e. certified legal nurse consultant) as well as moved from state to state. How so?
Because of the demand for nurses, as well as other health care workers, (i.e. physical therapists), there are a lot of opportunities to travel by utilizing services. This type of service allows nurses (and other health care professionals) an opportunity to take temporary assignments where the need is greatest. Nurses can select the type of facility where they want to work, the city or location, as well as when they want to work. There are numerous guides to compact states for travel nurses available online. Many costs, such as housing, are covered and the pay tends to be better than traditional registered nurse positions. Plus nursing and other health care professionals have just the type of job which moves well if the job seeker chooses to relocate permanently.

Become a Truck Driver

For the person who likes to be on the road and doesn’t mind sitting down for long periods, becoming a truck driver might be the perfect travel occupation. It’s just a matter of having a clean driving record, getting the proper training to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), passing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) exam from the U.S. Department of Transportation, and passing a physical exam.

A wide range of truck driving schools can be found listed on the Internet; however, some companies are willing to train drivers themselves. Ultimately, truck drivers might even decide to buy their rig. And what’s great about a truck driving career is that it allows drivers to travel daily, but it is the type of position that can be moved all over the country.

There are a lot of careers out there that provide the opportunity to travel. For job seekers who want to find more about positions that include travel, try an Internet search: “jobs that involve travel.”

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