The Garden Of Eden: Artsy Wonder Of Kansas

At first glance, there’s nothing special about the small town of Lucas. With 500 residents, this peaceful location has nothing out of the ordinary, except for one thing.

Since 1907, Lucas has been home to what artist Samuel Perry Dinsmoor liked to call his own vision of the Paradise. The Garden of Eden is a cabin built entirely by Dinsmoor, using 27-foot timbers carved from limestone. Without a doubt this self-built cabin is a work of art, that needed plenty of effort to be completed. The property also features self-built furniture, which included secret desks, where then 62 year old artist kept all of his savings.

The construction of the house lasted only for two years. The sculptor proudly welcomed people to visit his greatest creation so far. But, that was only the beginning of his Eden.The next 22 years, Dinsmoor added up to 150 sculptures inside and around the house, which supposedly represented his political and cultural views. At the same time, the artist designed mammoth insects, U.S. flag, angels and children sculptures that required no less than 113 tons of concrete.

During the past few years of his life, the sculptor focused mostly on designing a concrete mausoleum on the same property. His final wish was to be buried in a glass coffin in the mausoleum. Apparently, he was the last art piece. This seen may give chills to some visitors, but his outstandingly detailed artwork is definitely a must see destination in Kansas.

Location: 305 E 2nd St, Lucas, KS 67648

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Photo by pamelaphoto58

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