Tripod Rock: New Jersey’s Natural Stone Tripod

New Jersey’s Tripod Rock may look like an edgy modern sculpture, or a ceremonial stone structure created to help observe the moon and the stars, but geologists firmly believe that Tripod Rock was created by the elements. Over time, a melting glacier sculpted a giant rock perched upon three smaller rocks.

Tripod Rock is a natural marvel that attracts countless curious visitors with wild imaginations. Onlookers love to tell colorful stories about how Tripod Rock was created by ancient aliens, or a secret society of Druids. Tripod Rock is the ideal place for dedicated geology nerds to bask in the glory of nature. Magical pagan ceremonies are cool, and all—but a rock sculpted by a melting glacier is about as impressive as it gets.

Every rock formation lover should put Tripod Rock on their must-see list. You can fully embrace the science behind how Tripod Rock was formed and still come up with a zany origin story.


Boonton Avenue
Boonton Township, New Jersey, 07005
United States

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