The life changing experience of Vinicunca

The first thing that comes to mind, when someone hears a word Peru, is Machu Picchu. But, few know about much more breathtaking natural setting: Vinicunca.

For those who are in good physical shape and want to have one of the most incredible experiences of their life, visiting the Vinicunca Mountains is a must. Getting to the location takes at least 6 days depending on how fast and for how long one can walk, but as visitors claim – it is absolutely worth it.

Most people know Vinicunca as the rainbow mountain due to its unique look: each of the mountain peaks in this area is covered in wide lines of pastel blue, intense red, green, pink and yellow. As for how exactly the lands have this color, there is still no scientific explanation. What is certain though, that the colors remain there all year long, just as they have, ever since the location was discovered.

However, there is much to enjoy about the journey to Vinicunca as well. Ausungante is a good place to start. From this region, tourists can meet llama and alpaca as they take a stroll around the springs. While there, visitors can take a bath in the hot Peruvian springs while admiring the extremely high mountains nearby.

Higher in the Ausangate mountains temperature drops lower. Once the highest peak of the mountains (14,000 feet high) is behind, visitors proceed walking down a valley full of alpaca herds. Finally, a few miles away, the marvelous of Vinicunca appears.

Those who have seen this extremely well preserved place, remained speechless when asked to describe their experience. A journey to the rainbow mountains of Vinicunca is not only full of endlessly beautiful sites, but also a life changing experience.


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