10 Essentials When Camping with Friends

Nature is proven to be one of the best healers of people’s minds and souls. There are many ways to immerse oneself in Mother Earth, but camping brings everyone back to basics. Some people want to disconnect from technology, while others use camping as a way to bring families together. Then, there are those who simply want to reconnect with nature. Whatever your reason may be, camping is a delightful and memorable adventure.

It’s one thing to set off into nature by yourself or with family, but camping with friends is a whole level of fun. It’s an actual test of friendship to live in the wilderness with only the bare necessities, but you don’t have to pretend to be a caveman to go camping.
While you definitely won’t get any hotel treatment, here are some essentials to make camping with friends more than fun.

Large Tent

Whatever your sleeping arrangements may be, bring a tent for lots of people. It may be the one where you all sleep together or just one where you can all hang out throughout the day. It comes in handy, especially at night when bugs come out or when it gets too chilly. Having a large and a instant tent provides a venue for more bonding and chatting. It also provides shelter for when it rains, or the weather turns nasty. Whatever the conditions are, the large tent will keep the merriment going.


Music always sets the mood for any trip. If you’re a talented bunch, bring portable instruments to create your own jam session. Otherwise, there’s always the ever reliable Bluetooth speaker and your smartphone. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs and fit for different moods and times of the day. Have upbeat songs in the afternoon and relaxing songs towards the night. Of course, make sure you practice proper camping etiquette when it comes to noise levels.

Portable Propane Stove

It’s tempting to rough it and go the natural way when it comes to cooking. Cooking over an open fire sounds romantic. However, that’s easier said than done, and cooking times are longer. There will also be literally too many cooks in the kitchen, making mealtimes more stressful than it has to be. A propane stove gets the job done without having to mess with fanning fires or looking for driftwood. It also makes meal preparations a lot easier as it will almost be like cooking in a kitchen.

Meal Plan

For obvious reasons, there’s nothing you can do when you forget to bring something. If you’re preparing meals for a lot of people, especially those with different dietary requirements, a meal plan is essential. Choose easy recipes that don’t need a lot of cooking time. It’s also a good idea to make all the prep and bring food that’s ready to get into the pan.


Bring enough flashlights, lanterns, and lamps to last your trip. Make sure that each camper has his or her own source of light and that no two campers share. This makes it easier for everyone to move around without having to depend on someone else. Having key areas of the campsite like the tents, kitchen area, and dining area lit up with lanterns also creates a more secure environment.

Trash Bags

Sometimes, lots of fun also means lots of trash, so make sure you do your part and leave your campsite squeaky clean. Unattended trash in campsites is a huge problem all over the world. Thailand officials even started mailing the trash back to campers to teach irresponsible travelers a lesson. It’s great to unwind and spend time with nature, but it’s essential not to inflict any more damage than humans already do on a daily basis.


There are a ton of things you can bring to a camping trip. However, these excursions with friends need a little more coordination as people belong to different households. Plan the trip together and split the packing list, supplies, and gear among all the campers. This avoids any duplicates and also eases the pressure on just one or two people in charge of planning. Of course, as with anything, make sure to enjoy each other’s company!

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