Heading to Italy for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Experience

Italy is famous for fashion, architecture, opera, literature and of course – food. If you’re planning on joining the 65 million tourists who visit Italy every year then you’re definitely in for an exciting and truly unforgettable experience. The sights and sounds, the cities and villagios, the beaches and vineyards, with so many famous locations and places to explore it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where in Italy you want to go – let alone what you want to do when you get there!

Panoramic view of famous Canal Grande and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute at sunset in Venice, Italy

Panoramic view of famous Canal Grande and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute at sunset in Venice, Italy
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To help make things a little clearer, we’ve come up with a list of things every first-timer to Italy should experience in a range of various locations across the country. A visit to Italy means you’ll be truly spoilt for choice, but hopefully, this list will help you narrow down some of the best options. Read on to find out more.

Verona and the Opera

Verona, Italy. Panoramic view to Bridge Ponte Pietra in Verona

Verona, Italy. Panoramic view to Bridge Ponte Pietra in Verona
Photo by depositphotos.com

The operatic splendour of Verona is something that cannot be missed. You’ll find Verona nestled in the northern part of Italy and while most people can associate Verona with the very famous love story of Romeo and Juliet, it’s the history and cultural extravaganza you’ll find at The Arena di Verona that people really resonate with. Visit the Opera Verona and you’ll get to experience The Arena di Verona first hand – the backdrop of countless world famous performances, an evening spent within this ancient structure is both immersive and humbling. You’ll find yourself rocked by heartfelt performances, and find yourself falling in love with Italy and Verona as you enjoy this cultural masterpiece under the moonlit Italian sky. A night at the Verona Opera should never be missed and certainly won’t be forgotten!

Villa Girasole: An Architectural Triumph

Have you ever heard of the “Sunflower House”? The incredible Villa Girasole is just outside of the beautiful city of Verona, so it makes sense to pay a visit once you’ve immersed yourself in the opera. The Sunflower House is a rotating building that mimics the movement of a sunflower as it follows the sun across the sky. Capturing sunlight from every angle, it’s a true work of unbelievable craftsmanship.

Try Pizza in Rome

You can’t come to Italy without sampling the pizza! Whether you choose a slice being served on a street corner, from a booth hidden in the wall or try a white tablecloth dining experience, the truth is when it comes to pizza – you’ll be spoilt for choice. Forget the soggy pizzas we get delivered in cardboard boxes at home, the pizza in Rome is an altogether mind-blowing experience – the imagination that goes into every pie, the flavours of local produce that pepper the top of the base, the freshest mozzarella, carefully placed atop the dough before it’s slid into a traditional pizza oven – you’ll find it difficult to go back to traditional takeaway pizza after your trip to Rome!

Head to Pompeii

Italy is rich in culture and history, so a trip to Pompeii is a must for any first-time visitor. Here you can marvel at the wonder and destruction of nature as you explore the ruins of this once great city – decimated by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. This surreal experience is like no other and certainly one you’ll never forget.

Final Thoughts…

Excited for your trip to Italy? Hopefully, you have a clearer idea of what you might want to focus on whilst planning your trip to this beautiful and unforgettable country. What would you try first?

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