Butterfly Valley: Turquoise Waves, Waterfalls, and Butterflies Galore

Turkey‘s Butterfly Valley is strikingly beautiful. If you’re fortunate enough to visit, you might feel as if you’ve stepped into an enchantingly beautiful dream world. Located near Oludeniz on the Mediterranean coast, Butterfly Valley boasts a pristine beach paradise, surrounded by towering cliffs. These cliffs are a natural habitat for over 100 species of butterflies.

The valley is accessible only by boat and remains a nature preserve, with almost no permanent development. Backpackers often camp near the beach, setting up makeshift dwellings that include communal kitchens and dining areas. It’s not unusual to hear the melodic strumming of an acoustic guitar and spontaneous singing, merging harmoniously with the rhythm of the crashing waves.

For those interested in exploring Butterfly Valley, boats frequently ferry travelers to and from the beach. While hiking from the beach to the valley can be somewhat challenging due to the steep trail and loose rocks, the panoramic view of the breathtaking valley — highlighted by a magnificent waterfall along the way — is undeniably worth the effort.

Since butterflies are very sensitive to noise, the best time to witness a plethora of these delicate creatures is in early March or April when the area is less crowded. The most abundant butterfly in the valley is the Jersey Tiger, an orange and white moth. While many label moths as pests, the vibrant colors of the Jersey Tiger may just alter your perception of these so-called ‘sweater eaters’.

Even if you aren’t inclined for a strenuous hike, an afternoon spent basking in Butterfly Valley’s aquamarine waves is reason enough for a visit. With hardly any electricity or cell service, Butterfly Valley offers a serene escape. If you’re seeking a stunning destination where you can genuinely disconnect from your devices, Butterfly Valley is an unparalleled choice.

Location: Fethiye, Muğla Province, Turkey


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