Santuario Madonna della Corona: A secluded paradise

Looking for a peaceful escapade, during your soul-searching travels through Northern Italy? Then you might enjoy venturing towards the picturesque landscapes of Spiazzi, where you’ll find the breathtaking Santuario Madonna della Corona (Sanctuary of the Lady of the Crown) precariously perched among the vertical cliffs of Mount Baldo. Due to it’s secluded location, sheltered by a thin rock shelf, the architectural marvel and structure of the Church itself has been preserved and barely touched, with the exception of a few upgrades across the decades. The structure itself has been around since 1530, and was a place of spiritual contemplation among hermit monks, who would seek solitude in nature to reflect and pray.

Today, the Church nestled within the cliffs is open all-year round for dozens of wandering travelers, who seek peace and solace among the beauty of nature and artistic history. It is accessible via two methods. If you’re up for a pilgrimage and taking in gorgeous sights then take the traditional route. A path from Brentino Belluno, the ‘Pilgrims Path’ takes about 2 hours on foot as you trail a pathway of steps that continues on deep into the woods towards the cliff-side. Or, there is a simpler way to reach the sanctuary via a paid shuttle in Spiazzi.

While at the Santuario Madonna della Corona, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of various pieces of history and art including sculptures by Ugo Zannoni, the Pesare Santa; a replica of the scale used to weigh Jesus Christ before Crucifixion, and many more historical relics. Whether you’re passionate about the arts, spiritual history or just seeking a place to take a breath and find your inner spirituality among stunning nature. A journey through Northern Italys sanctuary, nestled between Earth and the Heaven, is well worth it.


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