Inner Circles – Circular Gardens of Brøndby Haveby, Denmark

Whether you are looking for a unique landscape for a drone photography, or just want to take a breath of fresh air, Brøndby Garden City, Denmark is the right place to be. A truly unique and Eco-friendly urban planing initiative, the circular garden city consists of clusters of houses, that are strategically arranged to form circles. This gives the city a breathtaking aerial view.

Besides community gardens around the area, the houses in Brøndby Haveby have huge amounts of land for yards and luscious gardens. This allows residents to be surrounded by greenery and peacefully relish the solitude, away from the loud and busy city life.

Residents are also encouraged to indulge in hobbies. Total solitude isn’t the main attraction nor the main reason, why the circular layout was chosen for these gardens. On contrary, the circular shape was intended to encourage those, who choose to reside in the garden city to build a harmonious community among each other in the form of friendly social interactions. While the houses are separated by large yards, the circular shape still ensures close and cozy proximity between residents. So, keep Brøndby Haveby in mind the next time you make a trip to Denmark, you’ll definitely be welcomed into the inner circle.

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