Love Bridge – Ayia Napa

Over the last few decades Ayia Napa, Cyprus has been transformed from a sleepy village to one of Europe’s most well-known party resorts. It stands as the perfect antidote to the hedonism and decadence of downtown.

Not far from the east of central Ayia Napa at the Cape Greco, stands a Love Bridge. It is a 20 feet long natural bridge, whose arch slopes gently from the cliff to the turquoise-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Love Bridge Ayia Napa Cyprus

As well as being downright gorgeous to witness, this particular beauty spot is also easy to get to. Boat trips are departing regularly from the town’s marina. Also, it can be accessed by road as well.

The minute of your arrival, you’re likely to find yourself reaching for your camera. The place mesmerises within seconds of laying eyes on the arch. Then, you can either take a slightly daring stroll onto it, or even indulging in a bit of snorkelling around the crystal clear waters, while lapping in and out of the surrounding sea caves. If you’re lucky, you may even find yourself up close to a Mediterranean monk seal.

Love Bridge

Love Bridge

Love Bridge

If you’d rather avoid the bulk of the tourists, the best times to visit the bridge are in the morning or before dusk. You can pick a spot and watch the sun slowly sink beneath the horizon.

As its name suggests, though, Love Bridge is a place most popular with honeymooners. They take future mantelpiece photographs, make wishes they long to come true, or leave a lock behind to forever seal their love.

Whatever your reasons for visiting, this beautiful and unusual white-stone bridge, formed over millions of years, it will make a lasting impression, long after the sun has set on another day and you’ve made your way back home.


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