Mystical Stones of the Pokaini Forest, Latvia

There’s a charming sense of mysticism, that surrounds the enchanting woods of Pokaini Forest, Latvia. Known for it’s vast trekking paths, visitors need to set aside at least 3 to 4 hours, in order to explore the entire forest.

The unusual heaps of round, moss-covered stones, that lay in random piles across the forest, are the unique attraction of Pokaini Forest. Unnatural shape of the stones caused several speculations, however there is no confirmed explanation. Some say, that the Pokaini Forest is enveloped with strong mystic energy and is known to be a power spot for good vibrations, among many psychic healers. The forest may have been a site for traditional Pagan rituals, which is why it channels a lot of healing vibes. Some, even bring offerings to the stones in exchange for healing.Therefore, the forest may also be haunted and this attracts thrill-seekers and fans of mysticism. Locals warn, that you should never take home, a stone from the Pokaini Forest.

Either way, the forest serves as a fresh and unique retreat back into nature and many have ventured on hiking trails to just bask in nature. You can refer to a map available from the visitor center to properly plan out your trail, there are also educational guided tours available and other immensities available for your convenience.

Location: Naudītes Pagasts, 3701, Latvia


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