Panoramic Beauty of Laguna Quilotoa, Ecuador

Located at 12,795 feet above the sea level, Laguna Quilotoa is one of the most impressive wonders of Ecuador. It is among the most beautiful stops for hikers, who travel along the Andes mountain.
In 1280, the Quilotoa volcano had its last massive eruption, which resulted in a 1.8 miles long caldera, that got filled with water over the years. Today, Laguna Quilotoa is a natural masterpiece that leaves visitors amazed.
In order to get to the best spot to observe the lagoon, visitors start hiking from a small town of Quilotoa. An indigenous people still live here, preserving their long-formed traditions. The peaceful groups live off cultivating and farming the surrounding land. As an added benefit, tourists can also have a look at unique lifestyle, clothing and homes of locals. More adventurous visitors can enjoy horseback riding a canoeing over the lake.
Aside from the lake, that changes colors as temperature rises, visitors can also get a glimpse of wild llamas and a wide range of wildflowers. Quilotoa is a must see place,who long to connect with people and nature.


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