Prince Edward Island: Canada’s Storied Island Province

Prince Edward Island is one of the most picturesque spots in all of Canada. Golden sand dunes, sweeping red cliffs, and fields of purple wildflowers make visitors feel as though they’re vacationing in a dream world. Prince Edward Island is also home to gourmet restaurants which serve delectable seafood, Victorian buildings in mint condition, and—best of all—white sandy beaches that sometimes feature warm water.

Prince Edward Island


In late 2021, a walkway known as the Island Walk which offers a scenic path around the entire length of Prince Edward Island opened to the public. Visitors can literally walk across the entire island on a safe, well-maintained walkway. Pedestrians may spot whales frolicking off the coast, a romantic lighthouse overlooking the sea, or a placid harbor full of small boats.

One of the most popular attractions on the island is the house which inspired the beloved fictional story Anne of Green Gables. A tour of orphan Anne’s lovely farmhouse allows visitors to glimpse life on a 19th century farm. The Green Gables Heritage House also gives travelers the opportunity to walk some of the same paths that redheaded Anne walked in L.M. Montgomery’s timeless coming of age tale.

prince edward island

No visit to Prince Edward Island is complete without a stop at the white sandy beaches at Basin Head Provincial Park. If you thought warm water in Canada was a myth, a dip in the comfortable waters of Basin Head Provincial Park during the summer months will convince you that not every body of water near Maine is ice cold.

If you’re a city lover, the island’s capital city of Charlottetown is home to plenty of delicious dining, trendy shops, and cozy coffeehouses. Charlottetown is home to more than one legendary seafood restaurant which serves fresh oysters, lobster, and several types of fish. Victoria Row allows visitors to walk along a row of beautifully maintained historic Victorian buildings while scoping out nearby boutiques and restaurants.

Prince Edward Island offers the perfect balance of cosmopolitan delights and stunning natural beauty. No matter where you look on the island, you will see a beautiful historical building, a gorgeous beach, or a red fox relaxing in the shade. It is not surprising that the sheer beauty of Prince Edward Island inspired one of the most popular works of fiction ever created. Few other places on earth duplicate the serene, dreamlike quality of a soft watercolor painting with such ease.


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