The Smallest House in Great Britain: Quay House of Conwy

The smaller house in Great Britain sign

Welsh fisherman’s century-old tiny red hut attracts tourists from all over the world. The quaint home of Conwy only measures up to about 10 feet deep and barely 6 feet wide. The ceiling is slightly over 10 feet high. It’s a two-story hut with a cozy living area on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor. Well preserved for centuries, the last tenant of the home left in 1900, when the government deemed the tiny house to be unfit for living.

Woman in front of the smallest house in Great Britain

Today, you can still see how the home looked like, during the time it was lived in, with all the furniture intact. Visitors are greeted by a woman decked out in traditional Welsh garb. The first floor is free to explore, however due to its instability, the second floor is off-limits. Nevertheless, curious visitors can always take a peek at the tiny, yet cozy bedroom upstairs without stepping in.

Due to some construction around the area, the Quay House of Conwy has seen less visitors in recent years, but it still remains open till today. If you’re a tiny living enthusiast and want to see how the tiny life of a Welsh fisherman was like in the 1900’s, then definitely visit Conwy. There’s an entrance fee of one pound for adults and 50 pence for children under the age of 16. Even so, the fee is definitely worth it to see this quaint, unassuming house silently tucked away in Conwy.

The smaller house in Great Britain

Quay House, Conwy, UK

Upstairs bedroom, Quay House of Conwy

Upstairs bedroom

Living room, Quay House, Conwy

Ground floor living room

Ground floor living room with ladder to 2nd floor

Ground floor living room with ladder to 2nd floor

Quay House of Conwy

Quay House
Conwy, Wales, LL32
United Kingdom

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