Colorful Chaos of Hotel Inntel Zaandam

Inntel Zaandam Hotel

Netherlands is full of colorful, evergreen quaint cottages lining the streets of bustling towns. But, the Hotel Inntel Zaandam, looks like it came straight out of a cartoon or a children’s storybook, with bright shades of blue and green. A whole mishmash of strikingly colorful cottages are practically stacked on top of one another to form a giant hotel.

Inspired by a Monet painting, the hotel was designed by architect Wilfried Van Winden. The hotel has 160 rooms, Turkish baths, a swimming pool and a bar: just like any other regular hotel would. The hotel is part of North Holland’s campaign to preserve the region’s charming architecture, while restoring buildings one by one. The Hotel Inntel Zaandam has a special charm to it that combines an artful chaotic design with the classic design of traditional Holland cottages.

Visitors from all over the world enjoy the sight of this unique architectural marvel, even without spending the night in it.

Inntel Zaandam Hotel

Inntel Zaandam Hotel in Netherlands

Inntel Zaandam Hotel, Netherlands

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