Visit the Blue Pearl of Morocco – Chefchaouen City

Nestled across the slopes of the beautiful Reef mountains, Chefchaouen City is rich with the amazing sight of ancient buildings, painted in vibrant shades of blue. The blue city is a relatively relaxed area, where visitors take a stroll through streets and admire the vivid sights.

The iconic city in the mountains has a historic past, as many of the ancient buildings have been well preserved for generations. The city was founded by Jews, who fled from the Spanish during the late 15th century. While there are many theories as to why the buildings in the city are blue, some say it was ancient tradition, that had passed on till today. Others argue, that the blue paint is to keep mosquitoes away. Nevertheless, the vibrant blue paint covers almost every building in the city. In 1920, the city started accepting foreigners to visit.

A strong Spanish influence is still noticeable in Chefchaouen, when it comes to cuisine and traditions. In fact, many of the locals there also speak Spanish. In order to fully enjoy the beautifully unique views of the city, it’s advised to visit in April or early May, as beautiful flowers are blooming, which adds a touch of vivid colors against the blue architecture. The weather in Chefchaouen is also relatively cool, during this time of the year. Nevertheless, visitors are treated with warm Moroccan hospitality, regardless of the weather.

If you’re swamped for time during your trip to Morocco, you can opt for a day trip tour from several major cities like Fes, Tangier or Rabat. So if blue’s your favorite color, then you’re all set for your next travel destination! Go ahead and take several shots of the magical city and create memories of a lifetime.


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