Andromeda Theater: Hidden Gem in the Sicani Mountains

In the Italian mountain commune of Santo Stefano Quisquina is an extraordinary place: Andromeda Theater. Thirty years ago, the sculptor and a farmer Lorenzo Reina built the place, where he united his passion for art and nature.

The Sicani Mountains are a home of the sculptor/shepherd Lorenzo Reina. There lays his family farm on 300 acres of land. Andromeda theater is an open air theater created on the hill. A stunning view of the surrounding landscape became the backdrop for the scene. 108 stone placement corresponds to the points in the constellation of Andromeda. When viewed from above, they form the shape of an eight-pointed star.

Tribute to Andromeda myth and constellation, the theater amazes visitors. But, besides the theater there are plenty of Reina’s other sculptures, which are as amazing. They are installed around the theater and its surroundings. Mostly, they follow the theme of mythology. Visitors can find a fragment depicting Icarus, with fallen feathers. ” The Mask of the word “: pretty self-explanatory. There is even an octagonal museum, where Reina’s works are collected. This place is a continuous work in progress.

The place is a venue for various activities, exhibition and cultural events. A rare example of perfect union between nature and art, this place is a must see.

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