Berber Castles: Exploring the Fortress Architecture of North Africa

If you’re in the mood to travel and explore a landscape and culture filled with rich history and unique views, then visit Morocco and explore the Berber Castles of ancient times. Get a fill of red-rock mountains dotted with fortresses along the mountains.

The castles represent the Berber people’s history and ingenuity. It was a difficult feat to build these fortresses in such remote and hot lands, and they also served to protect them from thieves and invaders. We’ll take a more detailed look at these architectures, and we’ll give you tips if you decide to go and visit. 

Overview: Berber Castles’ Rich History

Imposing Kasbah of Beni Mellal which is a Berber castle and historical monument in the city of Beni Mellal, Morocco with a beautiful reddish and orange sky. This fortress is in the Tadla plain.

Imposing Kasbah of Beni Mellal which is a Berber castle and historical monument in the city of Beni Mellal, Morocco with a beautiful reddish and orange sky. This fortress is in the Tadla plain.
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Reportedly, the castles were erected sometime around the 9th-15th century; however, to know exactly and accurately when the castles were built is beyond us. There’s always a possibility that they might have been built earlier since it can be hard to precisely quantify these things.

You should know that they were made for defense and not solely to be habituated. Arab invasions were in full swing at that time, and they persisted across all of North Africa. The Berbers did not submit so easily to the Arab invaders, as they were known to be independent people. They built the castle to defend themselves from these conquests.

The castles now represent that time of history, the Berbers fighting against the invasions, but they also can be symbolic of their prestige, knowledge, resilience, and power. Most of these castles were built on the very highest peaks of the hills and mountains of the Atlas Mountains range and region.

What The Castles Look Like & Are Made Of

Most of the castles are bare and original to the source. You’ll see the stone and mud brick shine brightly under the hot North African sun. They were made for defense, so they hold quite a labyrinth internally. The walls are thick; there are hidden rooms everywhere and many passages and chambers for movement and residential purposes.

Ait Ben Haddou or Ait Benhaddou is a fortified city near ouarzazate in Morocco. Ait Ben Haddou is a great example of earthen clay architecture.

Ait Ben Haddou or Ait Benhaddou is a fortified city near ouarzazate in Morocco. Ait Ben Haddou is a great example of earthen clay architecture.
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Other smart features that these castles have are complex water collecting systems and underground channels. These let the Berbers store water to survive. What else marks the appearance of these wild fortresses? 

They’re typically rectangular or square-shaped, and the bigger ones have numerous levels. Most of the castles have a central tower or central keep. These served as the stronghold of that castle. From afar, they look quite bare, but they have often been made with intricate patterns representing the culture. The castles, just like many castles, have towers adorning the corners. 

A traditional water seller.

A traditional water seller in Marrakech, Marruecos
Photo by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga on Unsplash

Tips For Travel & Exploration

If you’re a fan of visiting historic sites, taking in authentic cultural monuments, and having a bit of a wild ride to the remote skirts of mountainous areas, then it’s time to consider visiting the Berber Castles. The castles don’t only adorn Morocco but can also be found in Algeria, for example. For this article, we’ll focus on the ones in Morocco.

Here are the exact locations where you can find them (Morocco):

  • In the Atlas Mountains (Skoura) 
  • In the Atlas mountains (Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou in Ouarzazate)

Getting there is a wild ride. You’ll need to rely on a local driver and tour guide, and it is quite the ride from the city. Most people station in Marrakech to go to the Atlas region. Not only will you get the chance to see the castles, but you’ll also be able to catch a good glimpse of North African nature and landscapes on your way there. 

Reserve A Tour & Get A Guide

A local tour guide will know the best way to get around, especially since these castles are in the more remote areas far away from the city. They will also be able to offer you stories of the history, and they usually take you to the best places to eat and have a lunch or breakfast stopover. Check out AirBnB experiences; you usually find great tour packages there. 

Having a tour guide is also the best way to ensure that you won’t get lost. Just make sure to check out the reviews and customer feedback. By making sure that you’re hiring a tour guide or tour guide company that has a good reputation and great reviews, you won’t sign yourself up for a bad experience but an enjoyable one. 

Stay At A Hotel Near The Castles

A day trip can be fun sometimes, but it can also be stressful. If you want to immerse yourself in the experience of visiting the castles without rushing to leave and having the privilege to take it slow, then book a room at a hotel close to the castles. 

These hotels are usually authentic and traditional and boost the experience of visiting the castles. And we don’t have to tell you that Moroccan food is amazing. You might gain a few more pounds on this trip. Pro tip: try the tagine. So, search for the best-rated hotels near the castles, and you should be able to find the best pick. 

The hotels were castles themselves but have been converted. They are usually luxurious and have spa services. You’ll get the chance to live in a castle for a few days, eat delicious food, and have the best view of the castles and the mountains. 

Join In On A Berber Festival

Join popular festivals like the Imilchil Marriage Festival and the Festival of Nomads. This will heighten your immersion into the Berber culture, and you can add it as a side trip to see the castles. It’s a great and complementary way to make your trip whole. They are held throughout the north of Africa. You can enjoy food, dance, music, and so much more.

Here’s what to remember (please do note that the dates vary each year! Please do further research to get a precise date. Ask a local as well if you can).

  • The Imilchil festival takes place in September.
  • The Festival of Nomads takes place in March or April.

Final Thoughts

Take the less familiar road and explore the remote but beautiful area of the Berber people and castles for your next trip. As a true wanderlust, the most beautiful and worthy sights aren’t usually found in the cities. We hope this guide will help you.


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