Catch The Wave – Marble Canyon, Arizona

Looking for new, unique sights to explore? Then check out the rippling visual splendor, naturally etched in the rocks of Marble Canyon, Arizona. The wave-like swirls across the rocks give off the visual illusion of sand dunes and visitors have recalled a slightly vertigo-like experience, when visiting the canyon.

The Wave consists of rock formations of the Navajo Sandstone dunes. The visually attractive cinnamon colored streaks were formed, due to wind and rain erosion over time. The natural-occurring formation began to take shape around 190 million years ago.

These rocks are a haven for aspiring and professional photographers alike, as one could get some award-winning landscape shots there, at any time of the day or season. Despite that, The Wave was virtually unknown to tourists until the 1990’s, when mostly European travellers came over to take a look at the mesmerizing rock formations.

Despite its sturdy appearance, the rocks are still pretty fragile over time. So, in order to catch a chance to view this majestic sight, you’ll need to obtain a permit to visit. Only 20 people a day are allowed to go through the ravine. Assigned tour guides will inform you of certain precautions you have to take, once you’re there. You can obtain a permit in advance online or if you decide to try your luck, you can get one through a lottery on-site.

Photographers, who are interested in getting an amazing shot of the area should aim to get there during mid-day, when no shadows will ruin the shot of the majestic rocks. For more mystical and dramatic effect, aim to get some dawn or twilight shots, when you’ll be able to play around with elements of light and shadow mixed with the alluring streaks across the rocks.

The possibilities are endless, whether you have a professional interest, or just want to enjoy the sight, you’ll be taken by the wave.

Aerial view of the Wave, North Coyote Buttes, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona.
Photo: Getty Images

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