The Loneliest Place in the World – Stannard Rock

Lighthouses seem so faraway and isolated, that sometimes you can’t help but pity the coastal guards, who get stationed there. Stannard Rock is a standalone lighthouse, located in one of the most hard-to-navigate reefs in Superior Lake.

It’s so far away from land that its considered to be the furthest lighthouse away from shore. Seeing that it’s at a relatively difficult place to reach, the Stannard Rock Lighthouse can only be viewed via boat or plane. The lighthouse structure itself is closed to the public, however, boat trips can be arranged to view the isolated area from a much closer distance.

Currently, Stannard Rock Lighthouse serves two missions, one of which is to serve as a navigation marker at one of the most dangerous reefs, and another is to monitor the rate of evaporation in Superior Lake, to see if there are any changes to the water levels. Now, most of the lighthouse’s operations are automated and maintained by the national coast guard.

Terry Pepper / Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

Stannard Rock is 42 miles north of Marquette and 25 miles southeast of Keweenaw Point.

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