Gruta Casa de Pedra: largest cave mouth in the world

Gruta Casa de Pedra or the House of Stone Cave is a cave located in the Alto Ribeira Tourist State park, Brazil. It is 1.8 miles long and has the largest cave mouth in the world, which is 564.304 ft high. The complex of caves were formed thousands of years ago.
The Historic Center of Tiradentes is well known for its cobblestone streets, cute little houses, restaurants and churches. But, for some visitors mainstream tourists routs are not appealing. If that’s the case, an ecotourism is your best bet. Visitors can choose from various types of activities, such as: hiking, paddle boating, exploring caves and visiting waterfalls. The Stone House Cave is conveniently located between Tiradentes and São João del Rei.

The Gruta Casa de Pedra is a limestone cave, with a river flowing through it. Obviously, it has a lot of speleothems. The curtains and columns of stalactites and stalagmites give the cave otherworldly beauty. Also, other interesting geological formations, such as the pulpit and the royal chandelier in one of the halls, give the cave a fascinating charm. The fauna and flora of the cave also enchants visitors. It has some openings, where it is possible for an ambient light to enter. Also, there are lighted points, so its easier to appreciate some of the main limestone formations. The tunnels of the caves have more than 1300 ft of extension and five enormous halls.

The tour does not take more than an hour and If you ignore the sound of bats, it will turn into a music to your ears and you’ll truly enjoy the beauty of nature.


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