The Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater of the Sinai Desert


Somewhere on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, nestled at the foot of a desert mountain range, sits an odd sight that is almost completely out of place: hundreds of seats for an outdoor movie theater. If you have planned to visit the most ancient and historical region on this planet and want to look at Egyptian civilization, then Cairo is the perfect place to stay. You can visit to book hotels in Cairo.

Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas recently visited the empty location and brought back these amazing images of the abandoned place. He explained the story as he heard it via his blog. The theater was built “sometime in the beginning of this millennium” by a man from France. He liked to smoke cannabis (and presumably had a bit of money to throw around). One day he was hanging out in the Sinai desert with his friends and decided that the one thing the place was missing was … a movie theater. Long story short, tons of old seats and a generator were hauled in from Cairo, including a giant screen that looked like the sail of a ship.





Everything was set for opening night, however, the locals didn’t like the idea for some reason and sabotaged the generator. Not a single movie was ever screened. So now it sits in the middle of a desert, a forgotten movie theater that was never used.

Location: Google Maps.

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