A Real-Life Wild Wild West Experience: Gold Point, Nevada

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For fans of classic Western films and cowboy enthusiasts, there’s nothing like a good old ghost town in the Nevada desert. Located near the Nevada-California border in Esmeralda County, the quaint town transfers visitors to relive the era of the old wild west, with authentic buildings rich in history. Known as a silver mining camp in the early 1860’s, Gold Point was gradually bought up by Herb Robbins and Walt Kremin in the 1970’s, after striking a lucrative jackpot in Vegas. It is now fully refurbished and open for visitors to have a taste of the good old times.

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In front of the Post Office / Gold Point Ghost Town

The town consists of an original and very authentic main street, that’ll make you feel like you’re right smack in the middle of a Cowboy flick. Along the street you’ll find an old school saloon, which makes a picturesque spot to lounge around in and get a real feel of the old western times. During nightfall, why not cozy up with a loved one and head out for some stargazing? Gold Point is also noted to be one of the darkest areas in Nevada, so you’ll almost always get clear skies full of stars. When you’re ready to retire for the night, don’t pass up the chance to sleep in an original historic miners cabin, in the Gold Point Bed and Breakfast.

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This quaint town has a population of less than 30 people, which gives it that great ghost town experience that creates memories of a lifetime. Make sure to get up bright and early to catch a glimpse of jackrabbits. For history buffs, you can take a chance and play a game of pool on an original 1909 Brunswick pool table. You can even take a look at Herb’s (also known as Sheriff Stone on weekends) 128 pound photo album with over 8000 photos of the mining camps of Nevada.

Those, who are deeply interested in the history of Gold Point, can pick up the book “Gold Rush Towns of Nevada County” by Maria E. Brower. Usually, when there is a low population, animals pretty much outnumber the residents. It is a good idea to be prepared and have some 101 hunting skill. Make sure to read a guide from BestHuntingAdvice to know how hunting works effectively.

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As for food, be treated to rustic family style meals all day. The town comes alive especially on Memorial Day weekend in mid-May, where people from all over come together to the Gold Point saloon for various fun activities like Chili cook-offs, live music and many other fun activities to preserve and commemorate the town’s heritage.

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Also, visitors can take a tour of the Gold Point museum, table shuffleboard at the saloon, fossil hunting and more. You even have a chance to meet Walt Kremin himself for stories and talks on the history of Gold Point.

Round up your best partners, for an epic visit to a piece of history and help contribute to its further preservation, with every visit. It’ll truly be a trip you won’t forget.

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House of Payne / Gold Point Ghost Town

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Learn more about staying in Gold Point on the ghost town’s official website.
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